My offer

I help entrepreneurs make use of the opportunities arising from ESG requirements (Environmental, Social and Governance) for family businesses. In addition, I offer expert support in project implementation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and board advisory.

An ESG survey

A thorough survey is the best foundation for analyzing relevant fields of action and needs with regard to ESG.

My offer is the following:

An interview-based survey

  • Survey of your current status with regards ESG. You specify which executives/stakeholders are to be interviewed.
  • Evaluation of the results
  • Documentation and presentation of the results with identification of fields of action and any needs for action

Survey workshop

  • Preparing, implementing, moderating, and documenting a one-day or multi-day workshop. The participants, selected by you, take stock of the current activities with regard to ESG.

Developing your ESG strategy

To be successful in the future, your corporate strategy will need to anchor the ESG elements relevant to your business. I focus on developing strategies that enable family businesses to use ESG requirements as an opportunity for long-term, profitable growth.

I’m pleased to provide the following services:

ESG materiality analysis

  • Development of a materiality analyses (incl. stakeholder dialogue)
  • Strategy workshops: Preparing, implementing, moderating, and documenting

ESG strategy and communication

  • Documantation of the ESG strategy and communication support (internal/external)

ESG management concepts

  • Development of company-specific concepts
  • Implementation of management trainings

Management support

  • Advising the Supervisory Board/Advisory Board or Executive Board/Managing Director on the development and implementation of an ESG strategy


Implementation partner

  • Supporting your implementation of the agreed (ESG) strategy

Leadership on ESG issues

To successfully make use of the opportunities offered by sustainable management, managers and committees must have the appropriate skills and preparation.

Here I can support you with:

Leadership workshop

  • Preparing, implementing, moderating, and documenting a one-day or multi-day workshop. The participants, selected by you, explore the management concept of the ESG topics.

Sparring / “food for thought”

  • Acting as your sparring partner as you develop a future ESG leadership concept and embed it in your corporate leadership model
    Providing brief “food for thought” talks at management conferences or retreats with management committees

Implementation partner

  • Supporting your implementation of the developed management concept

ESG projects

When implementing the new requirements for strategy and leadership, larger projects usually arise that cannot be managed by your company’s internal resources. Here, you can benefit from my experience in managing and implementing individual strategy and ESG projects.

Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

Drawing on my experience with national and international M&A transactions, I offer companies and investors support in identifying, implementing and, if necessary, subsequently integrating acquisitions. I can help you assess the attractiveness of an investment, executing due diligence (also in terms of ESG compliance) as well as with post-merger integration. My current focus is on four sectors: retail, e-commerce, B2B distribution and light manufacturing.

Board advisory

As a trusted partner, I’m also available to address your fundamental questions regarding corporate governance, strategy development, finance, digital transformation, international expansion, as well as M&A.
I am happy to work together with other experts, such as strategy consultants, auditors, M&A consultants. If needed, I can recommend consultants for special requirements and specific questions.

Responsible companies see the current transformation of the economy as a unique opportunity to give their business an invincible competitive advantage.