My Mission

In order to meet the goals of the EU Green Deal, the German government’s sustainability agenda, and the resulting ESG requirements, we need to substantially transform our economy into a more sustainable one. If we are to achieve these goals, we have a decade of action ahead of us.

My goal is to help companies seize the great opportunities of this transformation. I am convinced that companies that operate sustainably, aligned with the ESG idea, grow more strongly and are more profitable than companies that do not. In addition, they are more resilient and thus more future-proof overall.

Family businesses are of particular importance in transforming the economy. With their commitment to a long-term view, strong roots in community, and a clear responsibility to the next generation, they have already made significant contributions to successfully and proactively driving necessary changes. In this way, they have achieved and defended leading market positions worldwide.

Under the Voikos umbrella, I would like to support family businesses, enabling them to successfully tackle the transformation that’s on the horizon. I offer my expertise – consulting and active support on ESG leadership and strategy issues – as your reliable, independent, long-term partner.

As an experienced, trusted, and independent partner, I support family businesses on leadership and strategy topics, helping them seize entrepreneurial opportunities in Environmental Social Governance (ESG).