Your trusted partner

In all I do, I strive to earn your trust. I prioritize the joint development of a deep, respectful relationship between my clients and myself. Only in this way can we work together successfully.

In my work, I focus on supporting individuals in their respective roles and functions. To do so, I first want to understand the precise entrepreneurial, strategic, or leadership challenge that the individual is facing. I act as a trustworthy sparring partner, with maximum discretion and independence. Once the challenge has been jointly described, we work together on possible solutions, based on proposals.

Benefit from my deep expertise: over 20 years of management activity as well as continuous education and lifelong learning. During the subsequent implementation of the agreed measures, I am also available – if desired. You determine the scope and visibility of my activities.

With this, I would like to distinguish myself from classic consultancies who, for example, only offer individual services, or already have a follow-up project in mind when they enter into a contract.

As a trusted partner, I am independent in every respect, and free of vested interests.